University of Chicago Law School
January 4, 2014

Update: Classes at the University of Chicago will resume on Tuesday, January 7th. Building hours will resume normal schedule. More details from the University below. 


Weather update: Classes resume Tuesday, January 7

Monday, January 6, 2014 | 4:17 pm CST
Updated: Jan. 6, 2014 at 4:24 pm CST

With temperatures and travel improving, classes will resume Tuesday, Jan. 7. The Laboratory Schools will also reopen Tuesday. All four campuses of the University of Chicago Charter School will remain closed Tuesday, reopening Wednesday. Most University operations that were curtailed Sunday and Monday are expected to return to normal schedules, but we encourage you to check unit and office websites for information on particular offices or programs. Please check for updates as well.

Even as the University returns to normal functioning, and the most dangerous weather subsides, bitter cold and strong winds are predicted to continue into Wednesday, with continuing risk of hypothermia and frostbite. We urge all members of the University community to minimize time spent outdoors and take extra precautions. Dress warmly and cover exposed skin when going outside. Take advantage of public transit when possible — use to track buses and shuttles in real time, reducing outdoor waiting time. If you must drive, please be aware that some streets in Hyde Park remain snow covered and street parking may be very limited.

We recognize that some students, faculty and staff who were out of town are still struggling to return. In the academic units, deans will work with faculty and students to resolve issues that arise. Employees should take up any specific questions with their supervisors. We expect that these situations will be handled with appreciation for the difficult circumstances and an understanding that safety comes first.

We want to extend our deep gratitude to staff members who have provided essential services through the worst of this weather, putting the safety of the University community before their own comfort. We appreciate all of you who put in extra work as a result of this unusual weather, and we thank everybody for your patience and cooperation over the last few days.

We wish you all a safe and productive start to the Winter Quarter.




Due to predicted extreme weather conditions, the University of Chicago Law School will be CLOSED on Monday, January 6, 2014, and no classes will be held. The Law School building will be closed to faculty, staff, students, and visitors. 

The Law School expects classes and regular building hours to resume on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. 

Please be careful in these extreme conditions, especially if you are traveling. We look forward to everyone's safe return to the Law School on Tuesday. 

The University of Chicago has cancelled classes and non-essential services for Monday, January 6, 2014 as well. The University's announcement about closing and further information is below. 


The National Weather Service is predicting heavy snow for the Chicago area through Sunday evening, with temperatures dropping to dangerously low levels by Monday.  For the latest information on the weather, please see the National Weather Service warning pages

Many students, faculty, and staff are traveling back to campus after the winter break, and the weather conditions here and across the country are creating hazardous travel and canceled flights.  Therefore, the President and Provost, in discussion with the deans, have canceled all classes and non-essential activities for Monday, January 6.    

The Laboratory Schools and all four campuses of the University of Chicago Charter School also have canceled classes for Monday.  All classes are expected to resume on Tuesday. 

As a residential University, many functions will continue.  Residence halls and dining commons will remain open.  The Library has also made plans to open some of its facilities.  Essential safety personnel, including University police and Facilities employees, will provide key services, though security officers will be removed from outdoor posts if temperatures drop to unsafe levels.  

Transportation services, including shuttle buses, will operate on a regular schedule unless conditions make that impossible or unsafe.  The University of Chicago Medicine will continue to operate its hospitals and clinics.  Please check the University website for continuing updates.  Many units will issue additional guidance specific to their school, division, or department. 

But we urge students, faculty, other academic personnel, and staff to avoid travel if possible.  University employees who perform non-critical functions are not expected to come to campus.  Because Monday is a workday, we ask employees who can perform their jobs remotely to do so.  Employees should consult with their supervisors about questions specific to their roles and assignments. Medicine and Biological Sciences Division personnel who perform essential clinical or other functions will be expected to work on Monday.  Other Medicine and BSD personnel should contact their respective supervisors to determine if they need to report for work. 

Whether you are in Hyde Park or elsewhere, please plan ahead for the severe weather and take extra precautions.  The wind-driven snow may create hazardous travel conditions, while the predicted temperatures and wind chills could lead to frostbite or hypothermia.  Stay inside if you can.  If you are traveling, please make sure you have warm clothing with you and readily available.  As temperatures drop, make sure to cover any exposed skin.  Conditions are changing quickly, and we ask you to put your safety first as you adapt to the situation. 

University leaders are closely monitoring the situation, and we will communicate plans and guidance in greater detail as warranted.  Please continue to check for updates.