NLJ on Katzin Gift: UChicagoLaw "on Fundraising Tear"

University of Chicago Law School Attracts Another Big Gift
Karen Sloan
National Law Journal
October 17, 2013

The University of Chicago Law School is on a fundraising tear.

The school has received a $1 million donation from alumnus Jerome Katzin to bring judges to campus. That came just two weeks after the law school announced that Bloomberg chief executive officer Daniel Doctoroff and his wife pledged $5 million to create a business leadership program.

Katzin’s donation endows the Edward H. Levi Distinguished Jurists Program, named for the former U.S. attorney general who was a professor and dean of the law school. Levi taught Katzin’s legal theory class during his 1L year.

The program aims to boost interaction between judges, students and faculty, and it’s cornerstone is the visiting jurists. They will come to campus, speak with students and conduct a workshop with the law faculty.

"Understanding how judges make decisions is a critical part of legal education and scholarship," Dean Michael Schill said. "Our students spend a great deal of their time reading case law and will benefit tremendously from getting an inside view of judicial thought."

Michael H. Schill