Mark Templeton on News that IN Superfund Residents Will Receive Water Filters

IDEM to distribute water filters to Superfund residents
Sarah Reese
NWI Times
March 24, 2017

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management will provide water filters for residents of a Superfund site where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently discovered elevated lead levels in drinking water, an IDEM spokesman said Friday.


Mark Templeton, an attorney at the University of Chicago Law School’s Abrams Environmental Law Clinic, said he and others working on behalf of residents were pleased to hear IDEM plans to provide water filters.

"We would urge them to act as quickly as possible on that," he said. "Obviously, the people who live in these zones have been experiencing the cumulative effect of lead contamination for years."

Templeton was among 17 attorneys, community groups and advocacy groups that recently signed on to a petition asking EPA to use its emergency powers to respond to drinking water problems in East Chicago. EPA said it received the petition and "will continue to work with the city and state to protect the health of East Chicago residents."

Mark N. Templeton