Geof Stone Discusses NSA Surveillance Recommendations on WHYY's 'RadioTimes'

Challenges to NSA surveillance
Radio Times
December 20, 2013

Yesterday a White House advisory panel released recommendations for reforming NSA surveillance operations. They included ending the mass collection of phone records and limiting spying on foreign leaders. Earlier this week a federal judge ruled that the NSA data-mining program was unconstitutional and violated privacy rights. This hour, we’re discussing government snooping, the new recommendations, the recent court decision, and Edward Snowden. We start the conversation with GEOFFREY STONE, a Professor of Law at the University of Chicago Law School and a member on the President’s NSA surveillance review group. Then, a debate on NSA surveillance activities with DAVID COLE, Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law School and DAVID RIVKIN, Partner at the law firm Baker Hostetler LLP.

Geoffrey R. Stone