Epstein Debates Obama's Jobs Bill on NPR

Should Congress Pass Obama's Jobs Bill In Pieces?
NPR Staff
National Public Radio
October 31, 2011

President Obama has traveled around the country in recent weeks, promoting a jobs package that would cut payroll taxes, spend billions on infrastructure and help local governments avoid layoffs of teachers and first responders.

While the president's plan as a whole failed in the Senate in October, he has urged lawmakers to pass the bill's component parts one by one. Supporters argue that if Congress does nothing, the U.S. economy may go through another recession.

But critics say the jobs package just recycles policies that have failed in the past.

A group of experts argued the merits of the president's jobs plan on Oct. 25 as part of the Intelligence Squared U.S. series. Two experts argued for the motion, "Congress Should Pass Obama's Jobs Plan — Piece By Piece," and two argued against in a debate moderated by ABC News' John Donvan.

Richard A. Epstein