Daniel Hemel Explains How Lawmakers Could Reveal Trump's State Tax Returns (Audio)

Lawmakers Across The Country Push For Trump's Tax Returns
All Things Considered
April 17, 2017

ROSE: Trump said during the campaign that he wouldn't release his tax returns because they're under audit. As president, his federal returns are audited automatically by law. Although that hasn't stopped past presidents from releasing theirs. One tax scholar thinks there might be an easier way to find out more about Trump's finances through his state tax returns.

DANIEL HEMEL: Those returns don't show everything that appears on his federal returns, but they show a lot of the same information.

ROSE: Daniel Hemel teaches law at the University of Chicago. He says New York could change its law to release the state tax returns of a sitting president.

HEMEL: So we'll be able to see what he reports as income, whether he's as rich as he claims to be, whether he's as charitable as he claims to be. And most importantly, we'll see what he's paying the state of New York.

Daniel Hemel