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December 7, 2015
"The Republican-Democratic Divide on Civil Liberties"
by Eric Posner
December 7, 2015
"DOJ Kicks Off Investigation of Chicago PD"
December 7, 2015
Background Briefing with Ian Masters
"The DOJ Launches a "Pattern and Practice Investigation" Into the Chicago Police Department"
December 7, 2015
The New Rambler Review
"Before the Culture Wars"
by Laura Weinrib
December 4, 2015
The Wall Street Journal
"Don’t Let Charitable Donations Go to Waste"
by Jason Zweig
December 3, 2015
BBC News Magazine
"How a Whistleblower Brought Down Chicago Police Chief"
by Jessica Lussenhop
December 2, 2015
Law School Communications
by Stephanie Spiro
December 2, 2015
The New York Times
"Justice Scalia’s Majoritarian Theocracy"
by Richard A. Posner and Eric J. Segall
December 2, 2015
FOX 32 News
"Attorney Began Calling for McDonald Video Release 1 Year Ago"