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December 7, 2016
The New York Times
"A Monopoly Donald Trump Can Pop"
by Eric Posner, Fiona Scott Morton and Glen Weyl
December 7, 2016
Chicago Tonight
"Chicago Police Department Mulling Changes to Use of Force Policy"
by Paris Schutz
December 6, 2016
Al Jazeera English
"The Contract: Chicago's Police Union - Fault Lines"
December 6, 2016
"Trump, The Great Communicator"
by Eric Posner
December 6, 2016
The Chicago Tribune
"Changes to CPD's Use-of-Force Policy Fall Short, Two Experts Say"
by Jason Meisner and Jeremy Gorner
December 5, 2016
The Volokh Conspiracy
"Donald Trump: The Constitutional Law Exam"
by William Baude
December 5, 2016
"Supreme Court Gets Involved In Redistricting"
December 2, 2016
Law School Communications
by By Luke Sperduto, ’18
December 2, 2016
"Expert: Cop Who Shot Teen Had 'Remarkable' History Of Complaints"
by Dan Weissmann