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December 19, 2004
Star Tribune (Minneapolis, MN)
"Lawyer replies to call for help from detainees; Guantanamo Bay prisoners' legal rights are his cause. "
by Doug Grow
November 15, 2004
Los Angeles Times
"Justices Who Won't 'Run With the Wolves' "
by Geoffrey R. Stone
November 5, 2004
The New York Times
"Protecting the Freedom To Dissent During War"
by Michiko Kakutani
November 1, 2004
Legal Times
"War Talk; Free speech in times of armed conflict"
by David M. Skover
October 30, 2004
The Washington Post
by Cass R. Sunstein and David Schkade
October 24, 2004
Los Angeles Times
"From silenced voices comes an unsettling hum"
by Herbert Mitgang
October 18, 2004
Chicago Tribune
"America's new McCarthyism; In the "war on terrorism," we once again see the manipulation of fear and the corruption of public discourse in pursuit of partisan gain"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
October 11, 2004
Financial Times
"The dangers of a contradictory constitution "
by Richard A. Epstein
October 11, 2004
The New Republic
"CSI: Baker Street"
by Richard A. Posner
October 1, 2004
The American Lawyer
"No Offense; Mere disgust should not constitute a cause of action"
by Martha Nussbaum