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December 4, 2003
"Mandel Clinic Wins Settlement in Police Brutality Case"
by -
October 1, 2003
The Advocate
"Clinic wins civil rights settlement after freeing wrongfully accused man"
September 10, 2003
Wall Street Journal
by Douglas Lichtman
September 1, 2003
The New Republic
by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein
July 4, 2003
Chicago Tribune
"Lawsuit over police search after game to go to trial"
by Maurice Possley
January 1, 2003
Law School Office of Communications
"Police accountability project defends resident's right to document abuse"
by Tara Thompson, '03
October 25, 2002
Law School Office of Communications
"Law clinic wins settlement protecting free speech rights of human rights worker"
by Staff
September 11, 2002
Chicago Tribune
"Stay denied on witness rights; no pressure yet to enforce order"
by Steve Mills
September 10, 2002
Chicago Tribune
"Police blasted on witness rights; Chicago cops, county prosecutors handle them like suspects, court says"
by Steve Mills