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January 30, 2017
"Privacy Protection Without Law: How Data Privacy Is Shaped By Market Forces"
by Omri Ben-Shahar
January 27, 2017
Huffington Post
"Remembering Roe"
by Geoffrey R. Stone
January 25, 2017
The New York Times
"How Antonin Scalia’s Ghost Could Block Donald Trump’s Wall"
by Daniel Hemel, Jonathan Masur and Eric Posner
January 24, 2017
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
"Foxx’s team takes shape with hires"
by David Thomas
January 23, 2017
The New York Times
"Why Obama Struggled at Court, and Trump May Strain to Do Better"
by Adam Liptak
January 23, 2017
Just Security
"The U.S. Constitution and the Risk of Democratic Backsliding"
by Tom Ginsburg and Aziz Huq
January 20, 2017
Law School Communications
by Hannah Loo, '17
January 20, 2017
Oxford Business Law Blog
"Bankruptcy on the Side"
by Kenneth Ayottem, Anthony Casey, and David Skeel
January 19, 2017
Pacific Standard
"What Will a Trump Presidency Look Like?"
by Tom Jacobs
January 18, 2017
Law School Communications
by Becky Beaupre Gillespie