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April 18, 2016
"The Surprising Failure of Food Labeling"
by Omri Ben-Shahar
April 18, 2016
The New York Times Magazine
"What Should We Expect From the Supreme Court’s Showdown Over Immigration?"
by Emily Bazelon and Eric Posner
April 18, 2016
Think Progress
"The Most Exciting Attack On Partisan Gerrymandering In Over A Decade"
by Ian Millhiser
April 15, 2016
UChicago News
"University Hosts Regional Conference on Housing and Urban Development"
by Carl Vogel
April 14, 2016
We the People
"The Future of Free Speech at the Supreme Court"
April 13, 2016
WGN Radio
"How Do High School Students View Their Relationship with the Police?"
April 13, 2016
Brian Leiter's Law School Reports
"Congratulations to the Chicago Alumni and Bigelow Fellows Who Secured Tenure-Track Jobs this Year"
by Brian Leiter
April 12, 2016
Inside Higher Ed
"The Religious War Against American Scholars of India"
by Elizabeth Redden