Jianlin Chen

Dissertation title: 
Religious Free Market: A Critical and Comparative Exposition

Jianlin grew up in Singapore and Taiwan. He obtained his LLB from National University of Singapore and LLM from University of Chicago, and is qualified to practice in Singapore and New York. He teaches full-time as Assistant Law Professor at the University of Hong Kong since 2011.

Bilingual in English and Chinese, Jianlin published widely in law journals from U.S., U.K., Singapore, Hong Kong and China, including Columbia Journal of Asian Law, Law & Social Inquiry, Oxford Journal of Law and Religion, Hong Kong Law Journal北大法律评论, 法律和社会科学 among others. His publications’ seemingly diverse research areas of corporate law, securities regulations, insurance law, government procurement, natural resources management, historical conservation law, eminent domains, culture wars, law & religion is united by his research agenda of drawing on a combination of comparative perspectives and economic analysis (including public choice) to critically examine the unarticulated jurisprudential assumptions inherent in many areas of legal discourse.

Jianlin teaches Economic Analysis of Law, Business Associations, Commercial Law, Guided Research and Contract. He also organizes and conducts the Legal Scholarship Workshop @ HKU, a regular workshop conference that invites postgraduate research students and post-docs worldwide for an earnest mutual learning session on both the substantive and stylistic aspects of legal scholarship.