JSD Candidates

Silvia Beltrametti is a JSD Candidate at the University of Chicago Law School. Her areas of reasearch include international law, antitrust, IP and art law.

Xin Dai's primary areas of research interests include legal theories, law and social sciences and comparative law.

Marcos Garcia Dominguez is a J.S.D. candidate and Fellow-in-Residence. His professional and research interests include international investment law, administrative law, and constitutional law, from an empirical and economic perspective.

Adi Grinapell is a JSD candidate at the University of Chicago Law School. Her research explores the impact of the traditional corporate governance practices on the technology sector, from both empirical and theoretical perspectives.

An Indonesian corporate & securities lawyer with a deep passion in Law & Economics, legal interpretation, and Islamic legal theory. My dissertation research is focused on the application of economic theory in understanding and interpreting immutable legal provisions.

Agustin G. Sanz focuses on comparative public and international law from an interdisciplinary perspective. He holds a JD degree from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), an LL.M. from the University of Chicago ('12) and is currently a J.S.D. candidate and a Fellow-in-Residence at the Law School.

Vera's research interests include international law, judicial behavior, human rights, courts and procedure. The topic of her JSD dissertation is decision making and access to justice in the United Nations Human Rights Committee. Vera uses both quantitative and qualitative empirical research methods in her work.