Maria de las Victorias (Vicky) Ortuondo, ’13 (Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund)

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

As an immigrant from Argentina who comes from a family of limited means, opportunities have been scarce. Any academic or economic achievement has been hard won, and much of this I owe to my tenacity and strong work ethic. But more than anything I owe these achievements to donors like those who give to the Class of 1951 Scholarship Fund. These donors believe that those who seek greatness should not be held back by their humble beginnings. My passion can only take me so far; a generous scholarship has helped take me the rest of the way.

I believe my attendance at the University of Chicago Law School is one of the greatest achievements I have accomplished thus far. Being at an institution that cares so much about fostering intellectual rigor, as well as meaningful relationships, has always been one of my dreams. The Law School provides an environment where I can thrive with like-minded individuals, and where I have learned to grapple with the complexities of the law and society in fascinating courses such as “American Law and the Rhetoric of Race,” and in the Housing Initiative Clinic. I am truly blessed to have a gift which allows me to enjoy all the privileges that come with being a student at Chicago Law.