Why to Give: Supporting Students

Students discuss what alumni scholarship support means to them.

The Law School is many things to many people, but more than anything it is, of course, a school. We are an institution of learning, where brilliant teachers and scholars spend time educating and mentoring the next generation of lawyers. At Chicago Law, we place great stock in the classroom experience, as well as the relationship our students build with each other and with our faculty outside of the classroom.

To provide the best possible learning experience, we need not only great teachers, but also great students. We need students who are hungry to learn and open to learning from each other. We need inquisitive thinkers who are always pushing for a better, more complete answer. We need students who come from diverse backgrounds: from all over the country and all over the world, from myriad universities and majors, from all over every spectrum we can imagine.

To ensure that the Chicago Law experience is open to all potential students, and to recruit the very best, we rely on scholarships. Scholarships, supported by your generous contributions, allow the Law School to make a legal education possible for those with limited financial means. For some of our students, without the scholarships your gifts provide, law school would remain only a dream. For others, a scholarship from the Law School helps them to choose to attend here—a choice we know they won’t regret.

Those of us who walk these halls every day get to see what an extraordinary group of students we have here. You can see the impact of your gifts to scholarships by reading the stories below. Each of these was written by one of our current students or recent graduates in their thank-you notes to the donors of their scholarship funds in the 2011-12 academic year. As you can see, your donations make a profound difference in their lives and in the life of the Law School.