Jessica Michaels, ’13 (Ernest Greenberger Scholarship Fund)

Hometown: River Forest, Illinois

In 2009 I was working overtime hours as a photojournalist and reporter for NBC in Colorado Springs, studying for the LSAT in my spare time, and wondering how I was going to finance a legal education on my practically nonexistent savings. Thanks to the generous scholarship I received, I am able to concentrate on my grades instead of searching for a part-time job that fits into my hectic school schedule. The scholarship money that I have received has made it possible for me to pursue law school with the passion, commitment, and energy that it deserves.

Since starting at Chicago, I have been actively involved in the Women’s Mentoring Program, served as a faculty research assistant to Professor Geof Stone, and co-founded 1L Speed Practice Interview Night (SPIN).  Modeled after a program that I attended during my 1L winter, SPIN was a speed-dating style interview program that exposed 1L students to multiple alumni interviews throughout the course of a few hours.  After the whirlwind interview session the students and practitioners were invited to attend a networking cocktail reception.  SPIN was such a great success that we are already working with External Affairs and the Officer of Career Services to plan the next event.

In my downtime I stay busy studying, playing with my new Airedale Terrier and exercising. While completing my undergraduate degree at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, I was on the school’s division 1 rowing team. Since my current schedule does not work well with early morning crew practice, I’ve taken up recreational running and even completed a marathon. It is because of this generous scholarship that I am able to pursue all these activities that keep me grounded through this challenging period of my life.