2014 Class Gift: Why I Give

Each donor has a unique reason for choosing to make a gift to the Law School. Members of the Class of 2013 and recent alumni describe why they give back:

“When I take a step back from the daily grind of law school, I realize how incredibly fortunate I am to have had the opportunity to go to The University of Chicago Law School. It has been an absolute privilege to be a part of this community, and as members of a community we have obligations to the next generation. I donated to the class gift to keep faith with that obligation and ensure that future classes have even greater opportunities than we did.”
Harry Rimalower ’13

"I will not look back on my Law School years as my favorite educational experience--blame my love affair with my college. That is, I do not donate as a way to express my enjoyment of my experience, but rather my appreciation of it. The Law School is a place where students can actually help improve our community. In the last three years I saw students create a vibrant Law Students for Reproductive Justice Chapter, help 1L women practice their interviewing skills with alums, finally get a few working microwaves, and many other things. Think of your class gift--which can be designated to a particular use--as a way to help future students further the kind of change you'd want to see!"
Jaime Willis ’13

"I feel like the Law School has a great environment and community and I am very happy to contribute what I can to help improve that even further. I also like to feel connected with the Law School and a multi-year pledge is one way to remind me of my time at school." 
’13 LL.M. Student

“Although we all love the Coase Theorem, it does not keep the lights on! Professors are often praised as the reason why people love the Law School, and rightfully so. However, I give to show my praise for the staff that are often overlooked and upraised, yet equally make the Law School the place it is.”
Ryan Dunigan ’12

“I give to the University of Chicago Law School because the Law School is where I found my power and my voice in the world, and how I wanted to use that power and voice to change it. I started law school certain that I was the dumbest person there; certain that my incredibly intelligent classmates and professors would look down on me or dismiss me. I left confident in the skills I learned and sharpened; sure, after participating in the Clinic, of my career path; unafraid, after engaging every day with the likes of Cass Sunstein, Richard Epstein, David Strauss, and a few hundred other brilliant minds, to make myself heard to anyone. My time at the Law School empowered me in ways that continue to benefit me every day. And on top of that, I met my future husband in our Bigelow Section 1L year.”
Heidi Mueller ’07