Faculty Research

This is a small archive of selected faculty research intended to provide a sampling of the fascinating endeavors in which our faculty are engaged. For a full publications list of a given faculty member, please find him or her in our faculty directory and click "Publications," or view our entire faculty's scholarship in Chicago Unbound.

Research Matters is a biweekly feature in which a member of the faculty talks about some of his or her latest work and its impact and relevance to law and society. To see the Q&A associated with a given work, click "Yes" in the corresponding row below. You can also sort to see which works have Research Matters pieces associated with them.

Titlesort icon Author with Added to the archive Research Matters (Q&A)
"Interest Deductions in a Multijurisdictional World" Dharmapala, Dhammika May 14, 2015
"International Law and the Limits of Macroeconomic Cooperation" Posner, Eric A. Alan O. Sykes Aug 15, 2012
"International Paretianism: A Defense" Posner, Eric A. Aug 27, 2012
"International Paretianism: A Defense" Weisbach, David A. Aug 27, 2012
"Interpreting Contracts via Surveys and Experiments" Ben-Shahar, Omri Jan 26, 2017
"Interpreting Contracts via Surveys and Experiments" Strahilevitz, Lior Jacob Jan 26, 2017
"Interstate Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage after Windsor" Baude, William Feb 19, 2014 Yes
"Intra-Agency Coordination" Nou, Jennifer Oct 1, 2015
"Is Knowledge of the Tax Law Socially Desirable?" Weisbach, David A. Jul 27, 2011
"Is Originalism Our Law?" Baude, William Oct 15, 2015
"Is Qualified Immunity Unlawful?" Baude, William Jan 12, 2017
"Is There a Lingua Franca for the American Legal Academy?" Case, Mary Anne Jul 19, 2013
"Judicial Independence and the Rationing of Constitutional Remedies" Huq, Aziz Mar 26, 2015
"Judicial Roles in Nonjudicial Functions" Ginsburg, Tom Nuno Garoupa Feb 24, 2014
"Judicial Takings or Due Process?" Strahilevitz, Lior Jacob Eduardo M. Penalver Mar 28, 2011
"Just Enough" Fennell, Lee Oct 21, 2013
"Last Chance, America" Isenbergh, Joseph Jul 20, 2011
"Latin American Presidentialism in Comparative and Historical Perspective" Ginsburg, Tom Jose Antonio Cheibub and Zachary Elkins Aug 4, 2011
"Lawyer CEOs" Henderson, M. Todd Irena Hutton, Danling Jiang, Matthew Pierson Feb 27, 2017
"Legal Realism and Legal Doctrine" Leiter, Brian Apr 9, 2015