Faculty Research

This is a small archive of selected faculty research intended to provide a sampling of the fascinating endeavors in which our faculty are engaged. For a full publications list of a given faculty member, please find him or her in our faculty directory and click "Publications," or view our entire faculty's scholarship in Chicago Unbound.

Research Matters is a biweekly feature in which a member of the faculty talks about some of his or her latest work and its impact and relevance to law and society. To see the Q&A associated with a given work, click "Yes" in the corresponding row below. You can also sort to see which works have Research Matters pieces associated with them.

Title Author with Added to the archivesort icon Research Matters (Q&A)
"Intra-Agency Coordination" Nou, Jennifer Oct 1, 2015
"Co-Location, Co-Location, Co-Location: Land Use and Housing Priorities Reimagined" Fennell, Lee Sep 28, 2015
"Presidential Leadership and the Separation of Powers" Posner, Eric Sep 28, 2015
"Should Human Rights Law Play a Role in Development?" Posner, Eric Sep 28, 2015
"Regulatory Textualism" Nou, Jennifer Sep 14, 2015
"Legitimacy and Cooperation: Will Immigrants Cooperate with Local Police Who Enforce Federal Immigration Law?" Miles, Thomas J. Adam B. Cox Sep 10, 2015
"The Scrivener's Error" Doerfler, Ryan Sep 3, 2015
"Personalizing Negligence Law" Ben-Shahar, Omri Aug 31, 2015
"Personalizing Negligence Law" Porat, Ariel Aug 31, 2015
"Charging on the Margin" Crane, Paul Aug 27, 2015
"Unquantified Benefits and Bayesian Cost-Benefit Analysis" Masur, Jonathan S. Aug 24, 2015
"Unquantified Benefits and Bayesian Cost-Benefit Analysis" Posner, Eric Aug 24, 2015
"Empathy and Masculinity in Harper Lee's to Kill a Mockingbird" McAdams, Richard H. Aug 24, 2015
"The Use and Misuse of Patent Licenses" Masur, Jonathan S. Aug 13, 2015
"Riley's Less Obvious Tradeoff: Forgoing Scope-Limited Searches" McAdams, Richard H. Aug 13, 2015
"Surveillance Duration Doesn't Affect Privacy Expectations: An Empirical Test of the Mosaic Theory" Strahilevitz, Lior Jacob Matthew B. Kugler Aug 6, 2015
"Revisiting Procedure and Precedent in the WTO: An Analysis of US — Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Measures (China)" Chilton, Adam Mostafa Beshkar Aug 6, 2015
"The Law, Economics, and Psychology of Manipulation" Posner, Eric Jun 18, 2015
"Using Experiments to Test the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treaties" Chilton, Adam Jun 11, 2015
"Interest Deductions in a Multijurisdictional World" Dharmapala, Dhammika May 14, 2015