Faculty Research

This is a small archive of selected faculty research intended to provide a sampling of the fascinating endeavors in which our faculty are engaged. For a full publications list of a given faculty member, please find him or her in our faculty directory and click "Publications," or view our entire faculty's scholarship in Chicago Unbound.

Research Matters is a biweekly feature in which a member of the faculty talks about some of his or her latest work and its impact and relevance to law and society. To see the Q&A associated with a given work, click "Yes" in the corresponding row below. You can also sort to see which works have Research Matters pieces associated with them.

Title Authorsort icon with Added to the archive Research Matters (Q&A)
"Self-Driving Laws" Casey, Anthony J. Anthony Niblett Jul 7, 2016
"Bankruptcy on the Side" Casey, Anthony J. Kenneth Ayotte and David A. Skeel Jr. Sep 16, 2016
"Beyond Options" Casey, Anthony J. Edward R. Morrison Oct 28, 2016
"Self-Driving Contracts" Casey, Anthony J. Anthony Niblett Mar 7, 2017
"The Influence of International Human Rights Agreements on Public Opinion: An Experimental Study" Chilton, Adam Mar 24, 2014
"Foreign Sovereign Immunity and Comparative Institutional Competence" Chilton, Adam Christopher A. Whytock Apr 21, 2014 Yes
"Do Constitutional Rights Make a Difference?" Chilton, Adam Mila Versteeg Sep 24, 2014 Yes
"The Inefficacy of Constitutional Torture Prohibitions" Chilton, Adam Mila Versteeg Dec 29, 2014
"The Politics of the United States’ Bilateral Investment Treaty Program" Chilton, Adam Mar 12, 2015
"The Influence of History on States’ Compliance with Human Rights Obligations" Chilton, Adam Mar 12, 2015
"Using Experiments to Test the Effectiveness of Human Rights Treaties" Chilton, Adam Jun 11, 2015
"Revisiting Procedure and Precedent in the WTO: An Analysis of US — Countervailing and Anti-Dumping Measures (China)" Chilton, Adam Mostafa Beshkar Aug 6, 2015
"'Best Practices' in the Design of Privacy Disclosures: An Experimental Test" Chilton, Adam Oct 8, 2015
"Simplification of Privacy Disclosures: An Experimental Test" Chilton, Adam Jan 7, 2016
"The Political Ideologies of Law Clerks and their Judges" Chilton, Adam Adam Bonica, Jacob Goldin, Kyle Rozema, and Maya Sen Mar 3, 2016
"The Limitations of Supply Chain Disclosure Regimes" Chilton, Adam Galit A. Sarfaty Jul 28, 2016
"Respect for Human Rights: Law and History" Chilton, Adam Jul 29, 2016
"Did the Creation of the United Nations Human Rights Council Produce a Better 'Jury'?" Chilton, Adam Robert Golan-Vilella Nov 4, 2016
"Why Countries Sign Bilateral Labor Agreements" Chilton, Adam Mar 6, 2017
"The Legal Academy's Ideological Uniformity" Chilton, Adam Adam Bonica, Kyle Rozema, Maya Sen Apr 19, 2017