Faculty Research

This is a small archive of selected faculty research intended to provide a sampling of the fascinating endeavors in which our faculty are engaged. For a full publications list of a given faculty member, please find him or her in our faculty directory and click "Publications," or view our entire faculty's scholarship in Chicago Unbound.

Research Matters is a biweekly feature in which a member of the faculty talks about some of his or her latest work and its impact and relevance to law and society. To see the Q&A associated with a given work, click "Yes" in the corresponding row below. You can also sort to see which works have Research Matters pieces associated with them.

Title Author with Added to the archivesort icon Research Matters (Q&A)
"Respect for Human Rights: Law and History" Posner, Eric A. Jul 29, 2016
"Making a Market for Corporate Disclosure" Henderson, M. Todd Kevin S. Haeberle Jul 28, 2016
"The Limitations of Supply Chain Disclosure Regimes" Chilton, Adam Galit A. Sarfaty Jul 28, 2016
"Optimal Defaults in Consumer Markets" Ben-Shahar, Omri Oren Bar-Gill Jul 21, 2016
"An Insurance-Based Typology of Police Misconduct" Rappaport, John Jul 14, 2016
"The (Not So) Plain Meaning Rule" Baude, William Ryan David Doerfler Jul 7, 2016
"Self-Driving Laws" Casey, Anthony J. Anthony Niblett Jul 7, 2016
"Race, Place, and Power" Stephanopoulos, Nicholas Jul 7, 2016
"Amicus Brief in Manuel v. Joliet" Alschuler, Albert Jun 6, 2016
"The Law of Interpretation" Baude, William Stephen E. Sachs Jun 6, 2016
"Two Theories of Responsibility for Past Emissions of Carbon Dioxide" Weisbach, David A. Michelle Hayner Jun 6, 2016
"Why Tolerate Religion, Again? A Reply to Michael McConnell" Leiter, Brian Jun 6, 2016
"The President's Power to Tax" Hemel, Daniel May 5, 2016
"The Problem of Creative Collaboration" Casey, Anthony J. Andres Sawicki May 5, 2016
"Information-Dissemination Law: The Regulation of How Market-Moving Information is Revealed" Henderson, M. Todd Kevin S. Haeberle Apr 28, 2016
"CBA at the PTO" Masur, Jonathan S. Apr 28, 2016
"Tax Sparing, FDI, and Foreign Aid: Evidence from Territorial Tax Reforms" Dharmapala, Dhammika Céline Azémar Apr 25, 2016
"Bankruptcy's Quiet Revolution" Baird, Douglas G. Apr 25, 2016
"Searching for Fair Housing" Fennell, Lee Apr 14, 2016
"The Cycles of Separation-of-Powers Jurisprudence" Huq, Aziz Jon D. Michaels Apr 8, 2016