About the Blog

The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog is a forum for the faculty of the Law School to do what they do best: discuss ideas. The blog format allows the faculty to post ideas with which they are still wrestling and to get input from commenters. Faculty members post works in progress, reactions to the day's news, op-eds, questions for empirical research, even the first kernels of larger projects.  From time to time, faculty members will host groups discussions on a particular topic with invited guests from other law schools. The Faculty Blog is also home to student bloggers who summarize (and occasionally live-blog) faculty talks and conferences held at the Law School.

All Law School faculty, including visitors and adjuncts, are invited to post to the Faculty Blog. If you would like to post to the Blog, please contact the Manager of Electronic Communications, so that an account can be set up for you. If you already have an account, and need a reminder about how to post, please see our tutorial.