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Randy Lamm Berlin

Randy Lamm Berlin practiced employment law upon earning her law degree in 1991. Before joining the University of Chicago Law School in 2008 as Lecturer on Issues of Law in Literature, she had been an adjunct professor teaching Law and Literature at Loyola University School of Law, a course she created. From 1993-1996 she presented seminars in employment law to management personnel of major corporations in the Midwest and in the Loyola University School of Business Administration.

A strong supporter of the study of liberal arts in the classical tradition for many years, Ms. Berlin worked with the Great Books Foundation to create and develop the nationwide Junior Great Books Program, which has had over two million schoolchildren in the U.S.A. enrolled in the program since its inception. She has taught self-editing writing skills for educational institutions and for private industry.

Ms. Berlin earned her bachelor's degree at Lake Forest College, where she was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and later returned to the college to teach in the Department of English Literature and in 2016 receive a Doctor of Letters honorary degree. She earned a master's degree and did post graduate research in English Literature at the University of Chicago.

Prior to earning her J.D. at Loyola Chicago School of Law, she was V.P. for Human Resources for the Baltimore Tin Plate and Indiana Tin Mill Corporations. She had also been a member of the Board of Directors and legal advisor to the Chairman of Berlin Packaging, an international distribution network headquartered in the United States.

Most recently she was also a co-leader in the Greenberg Seminars in Law and Literature, and panel moderator in the University of Chicago Law School's recent Law and Literature symposiums.