Publicize Your Event

Publicizing Within the Law School

Beginning in Winter Quarter 2010, we will be implementing a new system to allow the Law School community to more quickly and easily spread the word about their events.

Faculty and staff can now submit events in one place, and have them appear on the Law School's website, on the digital signs in the D'Angelo Library, and the Weekly (and Daily) Briefs emails. This is the only way in which your events will appear in any of these media, so if you do not follow this process attendance at your event may suffer.

Here's the process (please email the Office of Communications at if you have any questions):


Step 1. Reserve your room. As before, go to to see what rooms are available the day of your event, and to request that a room be reserved for your event.

Once the Office of the Registrar has confirmed that a room is reserved for your event, move on to step 2.

Step 2. Create a web event.

  1. Go to the Law School's website.
  2. Click the "Log In" link at the bottom of any page and log in with your CNET ID and password.
  3. Click "Create Content"  on the left hand menu, then "Event."
  4. Fill in the fields for Title, date, location, etc.
  5. In the field marked "Body," you may enter additional information about the event, such as a speaker's bio. Please be aware that pasting from Word can have unpleasant effects on the formatting, so if you are pasting from Word, please click the little button in the toolbar marked with a blue "W," paste your text into the box that pops up, and click "Insert."
  6. Click "Save."  Your event will be reviewed and added to the Law School's website within one business day.
  7. If you need to edit information on your event, log in, find your event, and click the "Edit" tab that will appear on the page. Your event will need to be approved again.

Print Communications for Larger Events

Are you having an event that requires more than just a simple poster? The Law School Communications Office can design something for you in-house and print up to 12 copies in full color up to 11x17. They can also print your design if you’ve made one. If you having an event that needs many copies or a really fancy poster (and you have the budget for it), the Communications Office can work with you to get a professionally designed poster and/or work with outside printers to get professional copies made. The same goes if you need programs, brochures, advertisements, banners, or other printed materials. Contact Marsha Nagorsky or Annie Rzepecki in the Communications Office and they’ll find a way to meet your needs.

Alumni, Friends, and the Outside World

You may wish to open your event to the wider legal community. Often, alumni and friends of the University (especially those living in Hyde Park) attend on-campus events.We encourage you to publicize the event broadly whenever you can.

Web Calendars:

 The University maintains a University events calendar that accepts submissions.

Using Facebook:

The Law School’s Facebook page has over a thousand fans, and we're happy to publicize your event there for you.


The Law School has an active presence on Twitter and we would be delighted to tweet about your event. Please let us know that you would like us to do this and we'll do so.

Need help with additional communications services? Contact Marsha Nagorsky, Associate Dean for Communications to set up a meeting.

Don’t hesitate to ask us if you need something. We’re here to help you.