Keystone Program: Improving Improv Communication with Second City Outreach & Diversity

Tuesday, September 24, 2013 (All day)

Entering students will join Second City's Director of Outreach & Diversity, Dionna Griffin-Irons, and the Diversity team for a 2.5 hour dose of improv, leadership tools, and creative communication strategies for the classroom and their careers. Students will explore best kept improv tools to increase spontaneity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and active listening.

Dionna Griffin-Irons is a Second City Detroit alumnus. In her 10+ years working with the legendary Second City, she has performed with Improv All Stars, Theatre on the Lake, Chicago resident stages and produced numerous shows for the company's corporate division. Her Outreach and Diversity work has taken her  abroad to Norway and Latvia where she faciliated workshops for the United States Embassy to teach improv in the regions. Dionna's  background includes stage performance, talent identification, teaching and producing. To learn more about Outreach & Diversity visit and read her blog at for career tips on how to improvise your life.

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