Public Interest Law Society Informal Breakfast Break

Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 9:30am
Room C
Contact info (email or phone): 

Hannah Lazar,


PILS is seeking all students interested in working in public interest after graduation.  We are striving to create a community of students to provide support and knowledge in following this career path.  Please join us at a breakfast reception to meet other students, provide advice, and/or learn from your fellow students.
1Ls: this event is particularly helpful if you are considering skipping OCI.  Talk to other students who have skipped OCI about their experiences in finding public interest jobs for 2L summer.
2Ls: this event is particularly helpful if you are working at a PI office 2L summer and are planning on getting a PI job after graduation.  Talk to 3Ls about applying to fellowships and landing PI jobs.  Also, share your experiences with 1Ls.
3Ls: if you are working at a public interest office after graduation, your advice and mentorship are much appreciated.