Last Day of Spring Quarter Classes for Non-1L Students

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 (All day)

The following non-seminar courses and non-1L courses may not meet on Wednesday, May 22nd:


  • Corporate Reorganizations (Professor Baird)
  • Taxation of Corporations II (Professor Weisbach)
  • Criminal Procedure I (Professor McAdams)
  • Federal Regulation of Securities (Professor Henderson)
  • Local Government Law (Professor Roin)
  • Public Choice (Professor Levmore)
  • Criminal Procure I (Professor Epstein)
  • Federal Criminal Law (Professor Miles)
  • Legal Profession (Professor Alberts)
  • Health Law (Professor Malani)
  • Regulation of Investment Professionals (Professor Henderson)
  • Telecommunications Law and Regulation (Professor Neal)
  • Privacy (Professor Strahilevitz)