Law Students for Reproductive Justice and SALSA present: Reproductive Justice Controversies in India and the United States: A Panel Discussion

Monday, May 13, 2013 - 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Room IV
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After the internationally publicized gang rape of Jyoti Singh in December, Indian citizens protested across the country. The government of India responded and created a comprehensive ordinance on sexual assault and human trafficking. The ordinance is controversial within India and has been criticized by feminist scholars as well as sex workers. The panelists will discuss the new ordinance, sex worker collectives, and a current case before the supreme court that will have direct consequences for individuals employed in sex work across the globe. 

Please join Law Students for Reproductive Justice and SALSA  for a panel discussion by Elizabeth Brundige, executive director of the Avon Global Center and visiting assistant clinical professor of law at Cornell University Law School, as well as two of the International Human Rights Clinic's students who conducted research in India: Kimberly Rhoten and Hannah Garden-Monheit.  Lunch from Chicago Curry House will be served.