Law Students for Reproductive Justice Present: "Impacts of Law and Law Enforcement on Men Who Buy Sex"

Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 12:15pm - 1:20pm
Room IV

Lara Janson, a Mitchell Scholar, PhD candidate at the University of Chicago, and Huffington Post contributor, presents her groundbreaking research about the "demand side" of human trafficking and the commercial sex industry. When it comes to prostitution, the commercial sex industry, and sex trafficking, most discussions and research focuses on the "prostitute," instead of the predominantly male demand for prostituted women and girls. Such a skewed focus reinforces many widespread stereotypes that hold women, but not men, accountable for their participation in prostitution. Lara's research studies the exchange of information among men who post on the USA Sex Guide in Illinois, a popular website for men who buy sex throughout the United States. Studying these online forums sheds light on how current anti-prostitution laws affect men's decisions to buy sex, how they can avoid the law, and what laws and law enforcement policies will actually deter men from buying sex.