Diversity Month Program: Shades of Green: How Environment and Culture Conflict

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 12:15pm - 1:20pm
Room IV

Nelson Soza from the Pilsen Alliance will discuss environmental harms in minority neighborhoods.  Specifically, Mr. Soza will speak about the Pilsen Alliance's fight against the coal plants in Pilsen which were recently shut down, and the effects of those plants on the Pilsen neighborhood and on the Pilsen residents. Mr. Soza was instrumental in shutting down the plants, but now faces the difficult reality that many of the Pilsen residents have severe health problems resulting from the coal pollution, and many of the Pilsen children will have lifelong disabilities as a result of the plants. Mr. Soza will speak about how these plants were allowed to continue operations, how the PIlsen Alliance fought them, how the Pilsen Alliance won, and what the whole battle means for diverse neighborhoods around the country facing the same sorts of problems.   This Diversity Month program was organized by the Environmental Law Society and the Energy Law Society.  Diversity Month is sponsored by the Office of the Dean of Students.