Chicago's Best Ideas with Lee Fennell, "Property in Housing"

Tuesday, November 13, 2012 - 12:25pm
Room II

The question of how to structure and package the residential experience is a deeply interesting and difficult one.  How physically large or small should residential holdings be? How densely should they be clustered?  Should spaces for working, recreating, cooking, and bathing be contained within the private residential unit, shared with other households, or procured a la carte? How permanent should the connection be between a household and a living space? How much control should households have over the environment surrounding the dwelling unit?  Answers to these and many other queries differ both within and between societies. A law and economics perspective that emphasizes problems of scale illuminates the ways in which law intersects with private decisionmaking to deliver housing, and can inform the task of configuring residential property optimally.

Lee Fennell