Clinics in Action: Equalizing Sentences in Federal Illegal Reentry Cases

Monday, November 8, 2010 - 12:15pm - 1:20pm
Room I

Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Alison Siegler and former students James Burnham ('09), Emma Burnham ('09) and Tom Gorman ('10), will discuss the work of the Federal Criminal Justice Project and their recent win in the Seventh Circuit granting district court judges the discretion to give illegal reentry defendants below-guidelines sentences based on the so-called “fast-track” disparity. Here is an article discussing the case with a link to the court’s opinion.

Part of the Law School's Mandel Legal Aid Clinic, the FCJP's primary mission is to zealously represent indigent defendants charged with federal crimes while giving students a unique opportunity to practice in federal district court. The FCJP is the first legal clinic in the country that exclusively represents clients charged with federal felonies, and is one of only a few legal clinics that allows students to appear in federal district court on behalf of criminal defendants.

Alison Siegler