Student Argues 7th Circuit Case for Federal Criminal Justice Clinic

October 4, 2012

In May 2012, Federal Criminal Justice Clinic student Amanda Penabad (’12) presented oral argument to the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals in United States v. Luis Marin-Castano. The Clinic did not represent Mr. Marin-Castano below but was appointed to represent him on appeal after the district court imposed a 46-month sentence for illegal reentry in spite of the numerous mitigating facts and arguments presented on his behalf at sentencing. Amanda and FCJC student Helena Tseregounis (’12) spent countless hours preparing an opening brief and reply brief, arguing that the district court’s sentence was both procedurally and substantively unreasonable and that the Seventh Circuit should remand for resentencing. After an oral argument date was set, Amanda spent many more hours preparing for argument and participated in several moots with faculty members and UChicago Law graduates. The Seventh Circuit panel consisted of Judge Diane Sykes, Judge William Bauer, and Judge John Tinder. During oral argument, Amanda advocated passionately for Mr. Marin and displayed a total command of the law and the facts. Click on this link to listen to her argument.