Climate Change Online

Climate change is one of the defining problems of our time.  The scientific research on climate change is well developed, and researchers have many sources for understanding what research has been done on a particular topic and what questions remain open.  The policy implications, however, remain uncertain.  This is in part because far fewer resources have been devoted to understanding the policy implications of climate change.  It is also in part because of the lack of good mechanisms for gathering and exchanging information related to climate policy.  There are a variety of journals that publish on climate policy, many organizations have climate research centers, and there are a large number of blogs, but there is no place where a researcher or interested citizen can quickly find out what the most current and best thinking is on a topic, where it has been published, or what underlying data support that view.  The information on climate policy is dispersed across many resources and individuals.

The climate wiki project, to be known as Climate Change Online or C2O, is an attempt to remedy this problem.  It will provide a centralized resource where researchers, students, policymakers, or citizens can go to find information and resources on climate policy.  Wikis are a method of gathering widely dispersed information into a single resource, and, therefore, are the precise tool needed for this task.  C2O would have entries on climate policy subjects.  Each entry will have a short description of the issue followed by a list of the best resources on the issue, including published papers, databases, websites, or organizations.