Public Service and Public Interest Law

APALSA, BLSA, and Outlaw present "Sticks, Stones, and the Constitution: The Regulation of Hate Speech"

Room IV, Law School

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."

It's unclear, in this day and age, whether or not this adage still holds true.  Join Prof. Geoffrey Stone and Prof. Alexander Tsesis (of Loyola) as they debate the merits-- and the dangers-- of hate speech regulation and the constitution.

Lunch Provided.

Geoffrey R. Stone

CBI: Bernard Harcourt, "The Illusion of Free Markets: Laissez faire and Mass Incarceration"

Room II

It is widely believed today that the free market is the best mechanism ever invented to efficiently allocate resources in society. Just as fundamental is the belief that government has a legitimate and competent role in policing and punishing. The result, in this country, has been an incendiary combination of laissez faire and mass incarceration.

Informational meeting for Pro Bono Project - UN Right to Health Project

Room A

UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health - Global Health Rights Litigation Project - Spanish speaking volunteer opportunity! 

Outlaw and BLSA present AIDS Legal Council of Chicago Pro Bono Program Training


Want to rack up some Pro Bono Hours? Not sure if you’d like public interest but want to try it? Interested in employment discrimination, low-income clients, or health law?

Get involved with the

AIDS Legal Council of Chicago Pro Bono Program

hosted by Outlaw and Black Law Students Association

ILS & LLSA present "How to Build an International Career"

In this talk, recorded on November 29th, 2010, the panelists discussed how they built a career in international law, both in business and in the pro bono community.

52:05 minutes (47.68 MB)

PILS presents, "Who Worked Where - 2Ls talk about their summer public interest experiences"

Room IV

Come hear 2Ls speak about their summer public interest experiences -- tips and tricks about how they got their jobs, what they did while they were there, and how they perhaps leveraged them into summer positions for the following summer.

Lunch provided, of course.

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