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Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 on Reversing Venezuela's "Brain Drain" (in Spanish)

Reconquistando al talento que se fugó
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez
el Universal
August 9, 2012

"Las cosas no son tanto como son, sino como somos" Iván Lansberg Henríquez (1989).

Hace unas semanas, me sorprendí mucho al encontrar mención de mi abuelo en la Gaceta Oficial:

"Providencia mediante la cual se revoca la autorización otorgada al ciudadano Iván Lansberg Henríquez, para actuar como corredor de Seguros".

When to Overthrow Your Government: The Right to Resist in the World's Constitutions


Tom Ginsburg
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez and Mila Versteeg

On December 17 2010, a young Tunisian street vendor protesting an abusive police official set off a wave of democratic uprisings throughout the Arab world. In rising up against their governments, the peoples of the Arab Spring were confronting an age-old problem in political theory: when is it acceptable to rise up against an unjust authority?

The Global Determinants of U.S. Foreign Affairs Law

Daniel Abebe

A recurring debate in foreign affairs law focuses on the appropriate level of congressional and judicial deference to the President.

Tom Ginsburg on Showdown Between Sudan and South Sudan

Rebel Without a Cause: Playing Chicken in South Sudan
Tom Ginsburg
The Huffington Post
June 12, 2012

The old James Dean movie Rebel without a Cause has a scene in which two drivers race stolen cars toward an abyss, with the first one to jump out being deemed a chicken.

Tom Ginsburg

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, '13: "Latin America and Summit Security on the Eve of the G20"

Latin America and Summit Security on the Eve of the G20
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, '13
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
May 30, 2012

As this year’s G20 summit in Cabo, Mexico, marks the first time a Latin American country has hosted the G20, it is perhaps timely to look at the particular local blend of anti-capitalism and anti-Americanism that continues to thrive within the popular political discourse in a region that once famously attempted to stone Richard Nixon. This deep-seated popular ambivale

JSD Candidate Dawood Ahmed on Pakistani Coverage of Afridi Case

Dawood Ahmed on Pakistani Coverage of Dr. Afridi
Dawood Ahmed
May 31, 2012

The conviction of Dr. Shakil Afridi has concocted up a bit of a heated debate in Pakistan—as with the Raymond Davis affair last year, this trial has aroused much patriotic sentiment across the country.

JSD Candidate Dawood Ahmed Discusses Defensive 'Lawfare' in 'The Guardian'

Turning the doctrine of 'lawfare' against aggressors
Dawood Ahmed '12
The Guardian
April 25, 2012

Predator drones have killed several hundred civilians since 2004. Nato planes killed 24 Pakistani soldiers in 2011. Israel seems determined to invade Iran pre-emptively.

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 on Azerbaijan's Moment in the Spotlight

Azerbaijan’s Song Contest Victory Puts A President In The Hot Seat
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
June 5, 2011

Last month, more than 120 million viewers watched a pop duo from Azerbaijan win the 2011 Eurovision song contest. That’s a bigger audience than any ever recorded for the Academy Awards show.

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 Offers Guidance to Reforming Countries

Caveat Legislator
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez
Chicago Council on Global Affairs
April 3, 2012

Among the many pressing matters discussed at last year’s G8 Summit in Deauville, France, much urgency was given to the numerous Arab Spring revolutions then sweeping through North Africa and the greater Middle East.

Tom Ginsburg Advocates for Constitutional Courts in African Nations

African Democrats Look for Ways to Curb ‘Imperial Presidency’
William Eagle
Voice of America
April 18, 2012

The “imperial presidency.” It’s the name given by many constitutional scholars and opposition politicians to unchecked powers that some say practically make the executive into a monarchy.

Tom Ginsburg
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