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On the Interpretability of Law: Lessons from the Decoding of National Constitutions


Tom Ginsburg
James Melton, Zachary Elkins, Kalev H. Leetaru

An implicit element of many theories of constitutional enforcement is the degree to which those subject to constitutional law can agree on what its provisions mean (call this constitutional interpretability). Unfortunately, there is little evidence on baseline levels of constitutional interpretability or the variance therein.

Tom Ginsburg Discusses the Draft Egyptian Constitution on Worldview

Worldview 12.13.12
December 13, 2012

On Saturday Egyptians will vote in a referendum to approve a new constitution.  Members of the Egyptian opposition have encouraged Egyptians to vote “no.” During the last several weeks Egyptians have taken to the streets to protest the constitution, which was drafted by conservatives. Christians and other groups boycotted the process.

Tom Ginsburg

Tom Ginsburg Discusses the Draft Egyptian Constitution with PRI's 'The World'

Egypt’s Military Winner in New Draft Constitution
Joyce Hackel
PRI's The World
December 6, 2012

University of Chicago law professor Tom Ginsburg has taken a careful look at Egypt’s draft constitution. He says there’s one big winner in the document: Egypt’s military.

Tom Ginsburg

Ginsburg on "Rules for Drones"

Rules for Drones
Tom Ginsburg
The Huffington Post
December 4, 2012

The Obama administration has recently announced that it is developing a legal framework for drone warfare. It is now technically possible for a "pilot" sitting behind a computer terminal in Nevada or Virginia, with a few keystrokes, to eliminate virtually any person on the planet. But simply because it is technically possible does not make it a good idea, or a legal one.

Tom Ginsburg

Pedro Gerson '13 on Felipe Calderon and Mexico's War on Drugs

A Moral Perspective on the War on Drugs
Pedro Gerson
Latin America(n) Matters
December 2, 2012

As the sun sets on Felipe Calderon’s presidency the articles assessing the successes and the failures of his term began to appear. Some articles praised his handle of healthcare issues, some his willingness to engage with the public in debate, some criticized him for failing to end a telecommunications oligopoly and others for seeing poverty levels go up.

Eric Posner on International Law in Gaza

Is Israel or Hamas Breaking International Law in Gaza?
Eric Posner
November 27, 2012

The latest conflict in Gaza has raised numerous questions about international law. Did Israel violate it? Did Hamas? Does it matter? There are standard ways to approach these questions. At the same time, parsing the relevant law will not give you much understanding of the conflict, or what is at stake.

Eric Posner

Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 and Tom Ginsburg: "Five Voting Systems Even Worse than the Electoral College"

Five Voting Systems Even Worse than the Electoral College
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 and Tom Ginsburg
Foreign Policy
November 6, 2012

Grousing about our arcane and nonsensical Electoral College, and calling publicly for its end, have by now become

Tom Ginsburg

Derek Dohler '10 Awarded 2013 Code for America Fellowship

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Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez '13 on Hugo Chavez's Victory

To Leave or Not to Leave
Daniel Lansberg-Rodriguez, '13
Foreign Policy
October 17, 2012

On the evening of Sunday, October 7, a small group of Venezuelan expats gathered together on Chicago's South Side to hear the official results of the presidential election as they came in. We had an idea of what was coming, but, even so, the announcement of the official results came as a blow.

Tom Ginsburg on Judiciary Reform in Tunisia (Video)

Tom Ginsburg on Tunisia's Judiciary Reform
October 16, 2012
Tom Ginsburg
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