International Law

China and International Law Symposium

Weymouth Kirkland Courtroom

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Tom Ginsburg

Panel: "A Summer Abroad: Who, What, Where, and HOW?"

This student panel, sponsored by the International Law Society, APALSA, China Law Society, and the Office of Career Services, was recorded November 18, 2010.

Student organization presenters: 
Asian Pacific American Law Students Association
Student organization presenters: 
China Law Society
Student organization presenters: 
International Law Society

Panel: "Islam and Gender Equality: Historical Reflections"

This panel was part of the conference Democracy and Gender Equality in the Muslim World, organized by Martha Nussbaum and Madhavi Sunder on May 8, 2009. Speakers included:

Participating faculty: 
Aziz Huq
Participating faculty: 
Martha C. Nussbaum

Daniel Taub, "International Law and the Middle East Peace Process"

Room II

Daniel Taub, Principal Deputy Legal Advisor of Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presents "International Law and the Middle East Peace Process." This event is co-sponsored by the Jewish Law Student Association and the Anti-Defamation League. Lunch will be provided. This event is open to members of the University of Chicago community only.

Sida Liu, "The Globalization of the Chinese Legal Services Market: Before and After the Financial Crisis"

Sida Liu, an expert on the state and reform of the Chinese legal system and professor at both Wisconsin-Madison and Shanghai JiaoTong University, presents on the growth and globalization of the Chinese legal market in the aftermath of the financial crisis.

Student organization presenters: 
China Law Society

Aeyal Gross, "'Thinking Is in the Grey Area': Family, Home, Gender and Diaspora in the Paper Dolls"

This talk by Aeyal Gross (Harvard Law School and University of Tel Aviv) was recorded as part of the conference "'What Pertains to a Man'?

Pamela Laufer-Ukeles, "The Cross-Dressing Women of the Military in Israel and the U.S."

This talk by Pamela Laufer-Ukeles (University of Dayton School of Law) was recorded as part of the conference "'What Pertains to a Man'?

Panel: "Transgender and Intersex in Jewish Law"

This panel included talks by Raquel S. Kosovske (Rabbi, Congregation Beit Ahavah, Northampton, Mass) and Jennifer Levi (Western New England College School of Law) on "A Category unto its Own: Ancient Rabbinic Taxonomy of Six Gender Identities and Challenges to Binary Gender Rules" and by Hillel Gray (Center for Ethics, Emory University) entitled "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover?

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