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International Human Rights Clinic to Appear Before the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights

Inter-American Commission on Human Rights to Hear Testimony on Domestic Violence in U.S. Monday Oct. 27
Law School
October 23, 2014

Human Rights Groups Demand U.S. Govt. Implement Changes to Domestic Violence Policy in Accordance with IACHR 2011 Decision

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The website of our partner clinic, the University of Miami School of Law Human Rights, Clinic)

The complete schedule of the Inter-American Commission's hearings next week can be found here:

Media contact: Caroline Bettinger-Lopez, (305) 281-9856

World Justice Project Rule of Law Research Consortium (RLRC) Conference, Fall 2014: What We Know and Don’t Know About The Rule of Law

10.31.2014 - 11.01.2014
Room V

World Justice Project Rule of Law Research Consortium (RLRC) Conference, Fall 2014: What We Know and Don’t Know About The Rule of Law

Tom Ginsburg

Eric Posner on the Rising Tensions in the South China Sea

China Can Sink All the Boats in the South China Sea
Eric Posner
May 28, 2014

The South China Sea looks like a tongue hanging down from the Chinese mainland to its north. Vietnam lies to the west, Malaysia to the south, the Philippines and Taiwan to the east. Rocks, shoals, reefs, and islands dot the sea. Fisheries abound, oil gurgles beneath the seabed.

Eric Posner

Laws Prohibiting Sex-Selective Abortion in the United States: Ending Gender Discrimination or Perpetuating Xenophobia?

As part of the anti-abortion movement's legislative campaign, seven states have passed bans on sex-selective abortion and many more are pending, including in Congress. Advocates of the bans argue that they are needed to prevent widespread elimination of female fetuses by Asians in the United States.

Participating faculty: 
Brian Citro

The Local's Coverage of Tom Ginsburg's Report on Norway's Constitution

Norway's constitution beats US rival: experts
The Local
May 16, 2014

In their paper, Norway's Enduring Constitution, Professor Tom Ginsburg at the University of Chicago Law School and James Melton at University College London, examine what it is about Norway's constitution that has made it last for 200 years when only 14 of the 900 national constitutions ever enacted have even made it to 100. 
They conclude that the Norwegian

Tom Ginsburg

R.H. Helmholz, "Magna Carta: A European Perspective"

This talk was recorded on April 25, 2014, as the Law School's annual Loop Luncheon.

Participating faculty: 
R. H. Helmholz

Eric Posner in Foreign Policy: "The New World Order is Dead"

Sorry, America, the New World Order Is Dead
Eric A. Posner
Foreign Policy
May 6, 2014

Russia is dragging the world back into the 19th century, at least according to Barack Obama's administration.

Eric Posner

Eric Posner Q&A on Ukraine

Q&A on the Ukraine crisis with Eric Posner and Stanislav Markus
Jann Ingmire, Wen Huang
UChicago News
May 2, 2014

The recent crisis in Ukraine has spurred a new round of thinking about the region’s political and economic situation by UChicago scholars Eric Posner and Stanislav Markus.

Eric Posner

Ginsburg's 'Constitute Project' Earns Tribeca Disruptive Innovation Award

Constitute Project
April 21, 2014

Google Ideas worked with the Comparative Constitutions Project to build Constitute with the goal of making the world’s constitutions searchable so people can easily find and compare specific constitutional material.

Tom Ginsburg
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