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"Good Derivatives: A Story of Financial and Environmental Innovation"

This discussion between Professor of Law M. Todd Henderson and Richard L. Sandor, (CEO, Environmental Financial Products, LLC, and Lecturer in Law at the University of Chicago Law School) was sponsored by the Law School and Chicago Booth School of Business and was recorded on April 17, 2012.

Epstein: "Beyond Austerity"

Beyond Austerity
Richard A. Epstein
Defining Ideas
May 1, 2012

Grim is the right word to describe the latest economic news from both the European Union and the United States. Throughout the European Union, austerity programs have failed both politically and economically. In Spain, unemployment rates have soared above 24 percent.

Richard A. Epstein

Epstein Discusses Banking Fees on NY Times Room for Debate

Consumers Pay for Excess Regulation
Richard A. Epstein
The New York Times
April 29, 2012

The central question for banking is how to implement a sustainable business model that covers both its fixed and variable costs. Banks get no fees from setting up branches or incurring background administrative costs, including the heavy costs of regulatory compliance. These expenses must be recovered from operating revenue.Banks cannot charge only for the cost of the specific service.

Richard A. Epstein

Ronald H. Coase: On Economics

Interview with 101-year-old Ronald H. Coase, renowned University of Chicago Law School professor and winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in economics, discussing his approach to economics.

Accidental Economist: An interview with Nobel Laureate Ronald H. Coase

Interview with 101-year-old Ronald H. Coase, renowned University of Chicago Law School professor and winner of the 1991 Nobel Prize in economics, discussing his career path.

Epstein Critiques the ADA

The Handicaps of the Disabilities Act
Richard A. Epstein
Defining Ideas
April 24, 2012

A recent story in the New York Times offers a surprising critique of the Americans With Disabilities Act when it comments on the “flood of s

Richard A. Epstein

At 101, Ronald Coase Publishes New Book on China

Ronald Coase still stirs debate at 101
Sarah Galer
University of Chicago News Office
April 23, 2012

At 101 years old, renowned University of Chicago Law School economist Ronald H. Coase has never stopped generating new ideas or giving his witty, confident take on past intellectual skirmishes.

Douglas G. Baird

Law and Economics Lunch Series: Tom Ginsburg and Richard McAdams, "An Economic Interpretation of the Pashtunwalli"


Join Tom Ginsburg and Richard McAdams for a lively discussion of Ginsburg’s “An Economic Interpretation of the Pashtunwalli.”

This free lecture/lunch is the first in a series sponsored by the Institute for Law and Economics.

Tom Ginsburg
Richard H. McAdams

Epstein: Why Apple May Win Their eBook Pricing Suit

Not Proven: The DOJ suit Against Apple for eBook Pricing
Richard A. Epstein
April 12, 2012

With the death of Steve Jobs, Apple has lost much of its Teflon insulation from government action.  Nowhere has this been more true than with today’s suit against Apple and five major publishers for price-fixing in the eBook market.  Any charge of collusion always carries wit

Richard A. Epstein
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