Judge of High Court of Botswana Promotes IHR Clinic Work in Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor: Human Rights, TB, Legislation and Jurisprudence
O. B. K. Dingake
Health and Human Rights Journal
April 12, 2017

People with tuberculosis (TB) experience infringements of their human rights on a daily basis. In far too many cases, they lack access to effective testing and treatment, face discrimination in employment and health care settings, and are unnecessarily detained and isolated against their will.

Brian Citro

A Superior View: New SCOTUS Clinic Builds Skills and Political Capital

Alison Frost, ’18

The Law School's new Jenner & Block Supreme Court and Appellate Clinic gives students the chance to work with experienced litigators on US Supreme Court and federal appellate cases.

One afternoon a few weeks into the school year, Joshua Pickar, ’17, spent three hours in a Washington, DC, hotel conference room hammering a former Illinois solicitor general with questions. The preparation session was intense and tiring, but it was worth it: the next day, Pickar watched as the lawyer, Law School Lecturer Michael A.

Mark Templeton on News that IN Superfund Residents Will Receive Water Filters

IDEM to distribute water filters to Superfund residents
Sarah Reese
NWI Times
March 24, 2017

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management will provide water filters for residents of a Superfund site where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently discovered elevated lead levels in drinking water, an IDEM spokesman said Friday.


Mark N. Templeton

Futterman: Chicago Police Use of Force Policy Draft is "Out of Step with Best Practice"

CPD’s Latest Draft of Use of Force Policy Is Out of Step with Best Practices; Sustained Monitoring of Federal Consent Decree is Needed
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
March 17, 2017

The second draft of the Chicago Police Department’s use of force policy is out of step with best practice in policing and underscores the need for “sustained external monitoring and oversight provided by a federal consent decree,” according to Sheila A.

Craig B. Futterman

Craig Futterman on Chicago Police's Low Attrition Rate

Chicago police recruits rarely flunk out, raising concerns about training
Dan Hinkel
Chicago Tribune
March 14, 2017

Over a recent four-year period, the academy graduated more than 97 percent of its recruits, according to department figures obtained by the Chicago Tribune through a public records request.

Craig B. Futterman

Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project Files New Lawsuit For Laquan McDonald Records

Journalist suing CPD for refusing to release McDonald records
Jordan Owen
Chicago Sun-Times
March 8, 2017

On Nov. 11, 2016, Kalven made a FOIA request for the records of the 11 completed investigations by the Office of the Inspector General of Chicago police officers involved in the cover-up of the shooting of Laquan McDonald by Jason Van Dyke provided to the department, along with any attachments, according to the lawsuit.

Craig B. Futterman

Craig Futterman on Concern of Retreat from Police Reform

Advocates fear new proposed Chicago cop guidelines signal retreat from reform
Camille Darko
Injustice Watch
March 10, 2017

Civil rights advocates expressed alarm that proposed guidelines released this week on Chicago police use of force may signal a retreat from the effort to curb excessive force by officers. The concern comes as the Trump administration shifts its focus from pushing Chicago and other departments to the threat of court if they do not address systemic misconduct.


Craig B. Futterman

Federal Criminal Justice Clinic Brings Racial Bias Case to Federal Court

Legal battle brewing over alleged racial bias of ATF stash house stings
Jason Meisner and Annie Sweeney
The Chicago Tribune
March 3, 2017

A team of lawyers led by the University of Chicago Law School is seeking to dismiss charges against more than 40 defendants in Chicago.

Alison Siegler
Judith P. Miller

Craig Futterman on Chicago Police Misconduct and the DOJ Consent Decree (Audio)

Wake Up With WURD - Craig Futterman 3.1.17
March 2, 2017

Craig Futterman is a law professor at the University of Chicago. He joined us to talk about the pattern of misconduct in the Chicago police department, and the troubling new approach by the U.S. Justice Department.

Craig B. Futterman
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