Young Center for Immigrant Childrens Rights

Young Center's Maria Woltjen to be Honored at ACS Legal Legends Luncheon

July 1, 2013

Maria Woltjen, director of The Young Center for Immigrant Children's Rights at the Law School, will be honored with the 2013 Ruth Goldman Award on July 18 at the American Constitution Society Chicago Lawyer Chapter's Legal Legends Luncheon.

Maria Woltjen on Unaccompanied Immigrant Youth on WBEZ's 'The Afternoon Shift'

Number of unaccompanied immigrant youth coming to U.S. rises
The Afternoon Shift
June 4, 2013

Illegal border crossings into the U.S. have been in decline overall, but the number of children seized by border control has nearly tripled in recent years. Many unaccompanied children end up in Chicago, where agencies are scrambling to handle the load.

Maria Woltjen

Maria Woltjen Discusses Rise in Unaccompanied Minor Migrants on WBEZ

Sharp rise in young, unaccompanied illegal immigrants tests U.S.
Odette Yousef
June 4, 2013

An often-forgotten fact in the immigration debate is that lately, illegal border crossings to the U.S. have stagnated. Except that’s not the case for one category of immigrants: unaccompanied children.  In just the last couple of years, the number of minors apprehended by U.S.

Maria Woltjen

Clinics in Action: The Young Center Immigrant Child Advocacy Clinic

Room V

"Their Journey of a Thousand Miles":

Serving Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Federal Detention

Join us as our law students discuss their work on behalf of unaccompanied im
Maria Woltjen
Jajah Wu

Kane Center Clinics Hiring for Summer 2013

2013 Summer Jobs in the Kane Center Clinics
Law School Office of Communications
January 8, 2013

In summer 2013 the clinical law program plans to hire a number of law students to work in the various clinics in the Kane Center.  Positions will be open for the following clinics:

Jeff Leslie

Jajah Wu

Lecturer in Law and Staff Attorney, Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights

Xiaorong Jajah Wu is the Immigrant Child Rights Fellow and Staff Attorney at the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights at the University of Chicago.

Love Goes to Texas

September 7, 2012

Kristin Love is moving to Harlingen, Texas to open an office for the Young Center for Immigrant Children’s Rights. Harlingen is a city on the U.S./Mexico border, with the largest number of detained children anywhere in the United States.

The Young Center Appears Before United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva

September 5, 2012

On June 18th, Maria Woltjen, Director of the Young Center Clinic, appeared before the United  Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Committee on the Rights of the Child in Geneva, Switzerland, to testify about the sale of children for labor.

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