Poverty and Housing Law Clinic

Law Students Serve the Public, Further Their Careers Through Clinical Education

In Chicago’s clinics, students put their classroom knowledge to practical use in the areas of environmental law, domestic violence, entrepreneurialism, and much more.

Even before they are admitted to the bar, students at the University of Chicago Law School can put their developing expertise to work and actually practice law in one of our many clinics. Our clinical programs are both broad and deep, offering students experience in criminal and civil law, in public service and the private sector, in litigation and transactional work and advocacy.

Lawrence Wood

Lecturer in Law

Lawrence Wood is the Director of the Housing Practice Group at LAF, the Midwest's largest provider of free civil legal services to the poor. He also holds the record for winning the most New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contests (five). When Roger Ebert won this contest, he announced his victory in a Chicago Sun-Times article that he ended with the words, "I'm coming for you, Wood."

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