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Craig Futterman on the Need for a Federal Consent Decree on Chicago Police

Department Of Justice Lawyers Fear Trump Will Scrap All Their Work To Overhaul The Chicago Police
Mike Hayes
May 25, 2017

Craig Futterman, University of Chicago law professor and civil rights attorney, who regularly consults with the DOJ in this process, said he's spoken with members of the team who said they are pushing forward with drafting an agreement. Still Futterman said he remains pessimistic about the Trump administration’s desire to see it through.

Craig B. Futterman

Craig Futterman on Chicago Police's New Limits on Use of Force

Chicago Police Adopt New Limits on Use of Force
Mitch Smith and Timothy Williams
The New York Times
May 17, 2017

Chicago officials, and even some longtime skeptics of the department, hailed the new regulations as a sign that the police here are improving even though federal scrutiny of the department has eased since President Trump was inaugurated.

Craig B. Futterman

Mark Templeton on Illinois' March Toward Clean Energy

Illinois Issues: State Marches Toward Clean Energy
Jake J. Smith
May 18, 2017

The Waukegan Generating Station, owned by NRG Energy, sits on the Lake Michigan shoreline, just one mile from Ortiz’s home. Three years ago, when Ortiz was diagnosed with asthma (a condition that also affects children in 16 percent of households in Lake County, where the plant is located), she began to suspect that emissions from the plant may have been exacerbating her asthma symptoms.

Mark N. Templeton

Mark Templeton on East Chicago Residents Pushing For Say in Cleanup Case

East Chicago residents continue push for say in court case
Craig Lyons
The Chicago Tribune
May 17, 2017

A group of East Chicago residents continue to push for the ability to intervene in court proceedings between federal officials and the companies held responsible for the pollution in the Calumet neighborhood.

Mark N. Templeton

Shelbi Smith, '18: "The Day the United States was a No-Show at a Human Rights Hearing"

The Day the United States was a No-Show at a Human Rights Hearing
Shelbi Smith, '18
Huffington Post
May 1, 2017

On March 21, I traveled with a fellow student and faculty of the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago to Washington D.C.

Class Spotlight: Abrams Environmental Law Clinic

Vicki Ekstrom High, Energy Policy Institute
April 25, 2017

Not quite lawyers, yet, but playing the role. That’s the idea behind the Abrams Environmental Law Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School. And, they’re not just acting the part. Students work on real environmental issues for real clients—community groups, advocacy organizations, concerned citizens—who need help advocating before a judge or regulator.

Mark N. Templeton

Allison Hugi, '18: "Protecting Unsympathetic Defendants, from the United States to Pakistan"

Protecting Unsympathetic Defendants, from the United States to Pakistan
Allison Hugi, '18
Huffington Post
April 17, 2017

Following a brutal gang rape in New Delhi in 2012, there were calls in India to punish rape with a mandatory death sentence, starting with the perpetrators of that crime (one of whom was seventeen year

Judge of High Court of Botswana Promotes IHR Clinic Work in Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor: Human Rights, TB, Legislation and Jurisprudence
O. B. K. Dingake
Health and Human Rights Journal
April 12, 2017

People with tuberculosis (TB) experience infringements of their human rights on a daily basis. In far too many cases, they lack access to effective testing and treatment, face discrimination in employment and health care settings, and are unnecessarily detained and isolated against their will.

Brian Citro

Mark Templeton on News that IN Superfund Residents Will Receive Water Filters

IDEM to distribute water filters to Superfund residents
Sarah Reese
NWI Times
March 24, 2017

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management will provide water filters for residents of a Superfund site where the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently discovered elevated lead levels in drinking water, an IDEM spokesman said Friday.


Mark N. Templeton

Futterman: Chicago Police Use of Force Policy Draft is "Out of Step with Best Practice"

CPD’s Latest Draft of Use of Force Policy Is Out of Step with Best Practices; Sustained Monitoring of Federal Consent Decree is Needed
Northwestern Pritzker School of Law
March 17, 2017

The second draft of the Chicago Police Department’s use of force policy is out of step with best practice in policing and underscores the need for “sustained external monitoring and oversight provided by a federal consent decree,” according to Sheila A.

Craig B. Futterman
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