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Allison Hugi, '18: "Protecting Unsympathetic Defendants, from the United States to Pakistan"

Protecting Unsympathetic Defendants, from the United States to Pakistan
Allison Hugi, '18
Huffington Post
April 17, 2017

Following a brutal gang rape in New Delhi in 2012, there were calls in India to punish rape with a mandatory death sentence, starting with the perpetrators of that crime (one of whom was seventeen year

Judge of High Court of Botswana Promotes IHR Clinic Work in Letter to Editor

Letter to the Editor: Human Rights, TB, Legislation and Jurisprudence
O. B. K. Dingake
Health and Human Rights Journal
April 12, 2017

People with tuberculosis (TB) experience infringements of their human rights on a daily basis. In far too many cases, they lack access to effective testing and treatment, face discrimination in employment and health care settings, and are unnecessarily detained and isolated against their will.

Brian Citro

Democratic Backsliding in the United States and Hungary with Professor Aziz Huq and Professor András László Pap

Room D
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Professors Aziz Huq and András László Pap compare the socio-legal context of illiberal populism in the United States and Hungary, the first self-identified “illiberal democracy” in the European Union. “New populism” centers around a domestic cold war that demonizes political opponents and embraces the ideology and “Zeitgeist” of disenchantment.

Human Rights and State Attorneys General: The View from Illinois

Room II
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Now in her fourth term as the chief legal officer for the State of Illinois, Attorney General Lisa Madigan will discuss her role in civil rights issues in the United States that serve as a reminder that human rights are not a concept reserved to foreign affairs.

IHR Clinic, with ACLU and Other Groups, Ask for Emergency Hearing on the Muslim Ban from International Human Rights Body

February 10, 2017

The International Human Rights Clinic, the ACLU, and more than 40 other organizations jointly sent a letter to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights regarding President Trump’s immigration executive order.

IHR Clinic Urges WHO Director-General Candidates to Commit to Developing a Global R&D Agreement for Health Technologies

December 13, 2016

18 civil society organisations working in public health and access to medicines publish open letter asking the candidates running for Director-General of the World Health Organization: will you support a patient-centred R&D agreement?

9 December 2016, London.

Brian Citro and Lecturer Anand Grover on Global Access To Medicines (Audio)

Declining Global Access To Medicines
October 3, 2016

They discuss what they call “groundbreaking litigation” in India and advocacy at the U.N. that may change things for the better.

Developing countries struggling to gain access to HIV/AIDS medications, rules within the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and EpiPen prices rising by 500 percent are just a few of the issues that make global access to medicine a growing crisis

Brian Citro
Anand Grover

International Human Rights Clinic to Provide Technical Assistance in Implementation of Law Protecting Women in Pakistani Region

Vera Iwankiw, '17
Law School Communications
October 3, 2016

A team of students from the Law School's International Human Rights Clinic will be assisting the Punjab Chief Minister’s Special Monitoring Unit (Law and Order wing) in the successful implementation and evaluation of an innovative new law titled the Punjab Protection of Women Against Violence Act (“the Act”) and its implementation mechanism, the Violence Against Women Centers. 

Claudia M. Flores

John Tasioulas, "Minimum Core Obligations: Human Rights in the Here and Now"

Professor Tasioulas discusses the notion of the ‘minimum core obligations’ associated with economic, social and cultural human rights, such as the rights to education and health. The idea of minimum core obligations, which is a nascent doctrine in international human rights law, is heavily contested both as to its meaning and utility.

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