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Chicago Tribune on Cell Phone Tracking Through the Lens of a Recent Successful Clinic Case

February 19, 2016

The Chicago Tribune's article explains "How Law Enforcement Can Track You" by looking at the successful clinic case of Freddy Martinez:

A Cook County Circuit Court ruling last month sheds light on a controversial tool used by law enforcement across the country: cellphone tracking systems.

Futterman on Fox32 Discussing New Grant for Citizen's Police Data Project

Craig Futterman: Invisible Institute wins grant to develop ‘Citizen's Date Project'
January 29, 2016

On January 29, 2016, Professor Craig Futterman appeared on Chicago's Fox32 to discuss the Police Accountability Clinic's work with the Invisible Institute on the Citizen's Police Data Project and their recent award of a Knight Foundation Grant

Craig B. Futterman

Craig Futterman on Chicago Police Disabling Dashcams

January 28, 2016

Craig Futterman, Clinical Professor of Law and director of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project, comments on the news that Chicago Police dashcams are frequently out of order, and sometimes intentionally disabled:

Clinics in Action: Police Reform in Chicago

Classroom V
Contact info (email or phone): 

Jeff Leslie,

Professors Craig Futterman, Randolph Stone, and David Owens will discuss their work on recent high-profile litigation involving police shootings and misconduct, and efforts to reform the policing system in Chicago.  

Soul food lunch from Catering by David will be provided.

Craig B. Futterman
Randolph N. Stone
David Owens

Craig Futterman on Changing Police Response to Shootings

Changing Police Response to Shootings
December 29, 2015

19-year old Quintonio LeGrier and a 55-year old neighbor, Bettie Jones, were both killed by police. In the aftermath, Chicago Police acknowledged that Jones’s death was accidental.

Craig B. Futterman

Futterman Discusses Destruction of Police Misconduct Files on WGN

Can CPD destroy dismissed misconduct reports?
Brian Noonan
WGN Radio
December 22, 2015

Clinical Professor of Law Craig Futterman joined Brian Noonan for a conversation on WGN radio.

Craig B. Futterman

Futterman Discusses Potential Destruction of Chicago Police Misconduct Files

Clock is Ticking on Destruction of Chicago Police Misconduct Files
Caitlin Dickson
Yahoo News
December 21, 2015

In the late 1980s, when journalist John Conroy first began investigating claims that a decorated Chicago police detective named Jon Burge was torturing criminal suspects on the South Side, he found it virtually impossible to get his hands on police misconduct records without a court order.

Craig B. Futterman
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