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Youth/Police Conference

04.24.2015 - 04.25.2015
Room I
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The aim of the Youth/Police Conference is to deepen the discourse about issues arising from interactions between African-American youth and police in urban America. We began planning this occasion before events in Ferguson, New York, and Cleveland put these issues at the center of a national conversation.

Craig B. Futterman

Futterman: Police Departments Don't Track Potential Bad Apples

March 30, 2015

Clinical Professor of Law and director of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project Craig Futterman was quoted in Fusion

Futterman: Few Chicago Police Officers Received Nearly Half of Community Complaints, and Were Almost Never Disciplined

March 17, 2015

Clinical Professor of Law and director of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project Craig Futterman was quoted on Marketplace about police misconduct lawsuits:

So, they don’t ask, for instance: Is there one group of officers who are getting us into trouble?

Craig Futterman on Fighting the ‘Code of Silence’

Fighting the ‘Code of Silence’
Jack Silverstein
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
March 9, 2015

For a man who has made a career out of suing police, Craig B. Futterman’s views on law enforcement aren’t as straight forward as one might expect.

For Futterman, his work is about ensuring appropriate use of police powers — including the power to “shoot and kill.”

“I think the power to use deadly force is (necessary),” he said. “Yes. I do.”

The problem with that power, he said, is twofold — deadly force is overused, and police are rarely honest about its use.

Craig B. Futterman

Craig Futterman: "Black Folks Have Borne a Disproportionate Share of [Police] Abuse"

Justice Department's Split Decision a Diplomatic Response to Ferguson
Mary Mitchell
Chicago Sun-Times
March 4, 2015

“We don’t have to go outside of our own backyard . . . to see that black folks are being treated differently and less than by police than whites,” Futterman said.

Despite calling it “searing,” the Justice Department report on the Ferguson police was a diplomatic response to the tragic incidents that unfolded last summer in Ferguson, Missouri.


Craig B. Futterman

Youth/Police Conference: Speaker Bios

Biographical information for each Youth/Police speaker.

Emily Buss

Emily Buss's research interests include children's and parents' rights and the legal system's allocation of responsibility for children’s development among parent, child, and state.

Craig Futterman on the Lack of Trust Between Black Communities and Police

Police Body Cameras in Action: What Chicago Can Learn from Arizona
February 4, 2015

Chicago Police are now testing 30 cameras in a pilot program.  But, as WGN’s Gaynor Hall reports, there’s nothing simple about adding this equipment to the uniform.

Craig B. Futterman

EMP Community Conversation: Justice for All? with Craig Futterman

Ida Noyes Hall - Cloister Club
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Emerging Minds Project Community Conversation: Justice for All?

Craig Futterman, Clinical Professor of Law and founder of the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project, will discuss his work in light of current events, followed by small group dialogues.

Craig B. Futterman
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