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Futterman: Release of Hundreds of Police Videos Marks Potential 'New Day'

June 3, 2016

From the Associated Press:

Authorities released hundreds of videos Friday that offer startling glimpses into violent encounters involving Chicago police, including the fatal shooting of a robbery suspect speeding toward them in a van and an incident when an officer slammed his night stick against a man's head at a party.

Futterman: Promotion Of Lieutenant With Dozens Of Complaints Raises Questions

May 13, 2016

From WBEZ:

Chicago police Supt. Eddie Johnson backed the promotion of a lieutenant who had dozens of excessive-force complaints, according to a city record obtained by WBEZ. The promotion put Lt. Glenn Evans in command of one of the city’s 22 police districts.

Futterman on Chicago Officals Admitting 'Code of Silence'

City admits ‘code of silence,’ but Rahm may still have to testify
Fran Spielman
Chicago Sun-Times
May 23, 2016

In an about-face, City Hall lawyers acknowledged in federal court Friday that Chicago police observe a “code of silence,” the first time city attorneys have conceded that officers cover up misconduct by fellow cops.

Craig B. Futterman

Futterman: Chicago Administration's Handling of Police Misconduct is "Delay and Stalling Tactic"

May 11, 2016

From Aldertrack:

Richard Wooten, a retired police officer from the South Side’s 6th District and a former Sixth Ward aldermanic candidate, said those inaugural changes barely scratched the surface.

State's Attorney Recuses Self from Prosecution of Officer Van Dyke Following Petition

May 9, 2016

Following a petition for a special prosector in the case of the Laquan McDonald shooting, filed by the Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project jointly with Northwestern University and the People's Law Office, the Chicago Tribune reports:

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