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Beth Kregor to Chicago's Next Mayor: Cut the Red Tape

Hey, Chicago's Next Mayor: Cut the Red Tape and Help All Entrepreneurs Thrive
Beth Kregor, Elliot Richardson and Michael Lucci
Crain's Chicago Business
March 24, 2015

Whoever is mayor one month from now should push wide-ranging reforms to address the rules and red tape that trip up entrepreneurs in all neighborhoods.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel recently pushed the idea of creating “right to thrive zones” to help economically depressed neighborhoods. But broader regulatory reform is needed across all of Chicago to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship that drives great cities.

Elizabeth Kregor

Beth Kregor on the "Maze of Rules" Facing Chicago-Area Businesses

In the Loop 415 - Small Business Woes
December 18, 2014

Beth Kregor appeared on WYCC's TV program In the Loop to describe the "maze of rules" Chicago-area businesses are faced with.

Elizabeth Kregor

Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship -- Significant Achievements

November 17, 2014

The IJ Clinic on Entrepreneurship helps low-income entrepreneurs in Chicago strengthen their businesses, so that they can in turn strengthen their families, their communities, and the economy.  In 2013-14, students working in the IJ Clinic helped a worker-owned bicycle messenger company think through its LLC operating agreement, guided a painter through employment law so that he could crea

Suing the Government Is a Growth Industry: How to make the most from your law degree (and your life) with a career in public-interest law

Room V
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Sometimes law students are told they have two options: a miserable life earning decent money at a law firm, or a rewarding job coupled with a vow of poverty. This isn’t true. On October 15, Bob McNamara, a senior attorney with the Institute for Justice, will discuss his public-interest career and steps you can take to have a career at IJ.

Beth Kregor on Why Chicago Should Open its Sidewalks to Vendors

When is a Street Vendor an 'Emerging Business'? When Chicago Says It Is
Beth Kregor
Crain's Chicago Business
September 16, 2014

Why has Chicago given special permission to nonprofit E.A.T.

Elizabeth Kregor

IJ Clinic Launches Entrepreneurial Pitch Competition

Deadline Nears for Business Pitches
Jessica Kim Cohen
Hyde Park Herald
August 13, 2014

Organizers are gearing up for their first ever entrepreneurial pitch competition, dubbed “South Side Pitch,” which will take place Oct. 1 in the Chicago Innovation Exchange (CIE) Sky Deck, on the 11th floor of 5235 S. Harper Court. All interested entrepreneurs are asked to submit their applications by Monday, Aug. 18.

IJ Clinic's Efforts on Behalf of Street Vendors Receive Media Coverage

May 7, 2014

The Institute for Justice Clinic on Entrepreneurship's efforts with the Street Vendors Justice Coalition, which aims to "open Chicago’s sidewalks for food vendors by advocating for policy changes, organizing grassroots support, and connecting vendors to resources," have garnered a good dea

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