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A Constitutional Primer from Google
Courtney Subramanian
September 24, 2013

Whether you’re a high school student struggling through U.S. history class or a legal expert helping a budding nation write a new constitution, Google’s new tool for examining and comparing founding documents from around the globe is a neat new resource.

Tom Ginsburg

Bernard Harcourt, "The Illusion of Free Markets: Laissez faire and Mass Incarceration"

It is widely believed today that the free market is the best mechanism ever invented to efficiently allocate resources in society. Just as fundamental is the belief that government has a legitimate and competent role in policing and punishing. The result, in this country, has been an incendiary combination of laissez faire and mass incarceration.

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Harcourt on Life Sentences for Juveniles

Sending Children to Prison for Life
Bernard E. Harcourt
The Los Angeles Times
October 5, 2009

This term, the U.S. Supreme Court will hold oral arguments in two cases, Sullivan vs. Florida and Graham vs. Florida, that will decide whether it's cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a 13-year-old or a 17-year-old to life in prison without the possibility of parole. The court should follow its prior reasoning in Roper vs.

Harcourt Discusses Gang Violence Prevention at White House Conference

Crime and punishment expert joins White House conversation
Sarah Galer
University of Chicago News Office
September 4, 2009

In late August, the White House convened the Conference on Gang Violence Prevention and Crime Control to discuss community-driven crime prevention programs from around the nation and to explore the role of the federal government in community anti-crime efforts.

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